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Our Chinese tuition programmes at Simply Chinese are designed with the aim to instill interest, creativity and fun for students to learn Chinese Language. Our teachers adopt the student-centered approach in their teaching pedagogy and are experienced in catering to different learning needs of Primary Chinese & Secondary Chinese students in Tiong Bahru & Hougang.

Our qualified and dedicated teachers are passionate in providing quality and enjoyable lessons. Each lesson is taught in an interesting and interactive environment, which enables students to gain higher confidence and a strong understanding of the language. We make use of visual, verbal and interactive stimuli to ensure that children are fully engaged, to instil interest and creativity in the students. We will help to develop the students’ listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

The fun, engaging sessions are highly enjoyable for the children, who are then able to master the language better as a subject.

Our lessons are available to students in Primary & Secondary Chinese tuition in Tiong Bahru & Hougang, Singapore.

Locations: Hougang, Tiong Bahru


Our primary level lessons help students to develop their interest in the language and strengthen their writing skills in vocabulary, grammar and sentence formation. We follow closely to the MOE syllabus requirements and we will provide students with ample practices to improve their oral, composition, comprehension skills and answering techniques.


Our secondary level Chinese lessons aim to strengthen the concepts and vocabulary learnt in schools. Students are exposed to current affairs and Chinese culture through interesting materials. We will help students to develop and improve their creative writing, oral and comprehension skills. We align closely to the MOE syllabus and students will learn exam skills and techniques through practices.

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Greetings and salutations, esteemed individuals. Allow me to extend a warm invitation to Simply Education, a reputable establishment that serves as your reliable ally in the realm of Chinese language education. Situated in the very core of Hougang, we stand ready to guide and enlighten you on this linguistic journey. At Simply Education, we possess a profound comprehension of the significance of attaining mastery in the Chinese language, not solely as an academic discipline, but rather as a conduit to an opulent reservoir of cultural heritage and expansive global prospects. Our esteemed team is resolutely devoted to delivering exceptional Chinese instruction for students in both primary and secondary education meticulously customised to cater to their unique learning requirements. Embark upon a profound expedition of linguistic exploration, wherein the pursuit of language acquisition transcends the confines of traditional educational settings.

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Why Choose Simply Education for Chinese Tuition in Hougang

Situated within the dynamic enclave of Hougang, Simply Education transcends the conventional notion of a mere tuition centre, instead embodying an intellectual sanctuary where the realms of Chinese language and culture are invigorated and brought to life. Our strategically situated establishment renders us readily attainable to both students and parents, proffering a convenient resolution for the pursuit of superior education within the confines of your immediate vicinity. By electing to enrol your child in our esteemed establishment, you are not merely engaging in a transaction for educational services; rather, you are submerging them within an atmosphere wherein the acquisition of the Chinese language occurs organically, evokes enjoyment, and yields profound influence.

Secondary Chinese Tuition at Simply Education

Our Secondary Chinese tuition programme has been meticulously crafted to align with the ever-evolving and multifaceted learning preferences exhibited by adolescents. We possess a comprehensive comprehension of the formidable obstacles that secondary students encounter in their quest to attain mastery over the Chinese language, encompassing the intricacies of intricate compositions and the labyrinthine nature of complex characters. Our curriculum has been meticulously designed to not only effectively tackle these challenges, but also to ignite a profound sense of admiration for the language. We derive immense satisfaction from our triumph narratives, wherein a multitude of our pupils demonstrate exceptional prowess in their examinations and cultivate an enduring ardour for the Chinese language.

Primary Chinese Tuition at Simply Education

Establishing a robust linguistic groundwork in the Chinese language during the formative years is of paramount significance. Our esteemed Chinese tuition Hougang programme places a paramount emphasis on cultivating and imbuing a solid bedrock of knowledge within a supportive and intellectually stimulating milieu. We employ innovative pedagogical approaches customised for juvenile pupils, guaranteeing their acquisition of fundamental linguistic principles while fostering a deep appreciation for the cultural import of the language. The efficacy of our methodology is exemplified by the contented guardians and accomplished youthful scholars in our midst.

Our Teaching Philosophy and Methods

At the core of Simply Education is a teaching philosophy that values holistic, immersive, and interactive learning. The pedagogues entrusted with the task of imparting knowledge in the realm of Chinese language education are distinguished by their exceptional qualifications and extensive expertise. These erudite instructors deftly employ a diverse array of pioneering methodologies, thereby fostering an environment that captivates and engrosses the eager minds of their students. Through the utilisation of interactive digital tools and the facilitation of cultural immersion activities, we strive to not only impart linguistic knowledge upon our esteemed students, but also foster a deep-seated appreciation and integration of the language within their very being.

Additional Services and Support

We transcend the confines of conventional tuition. Our supplementary offerings encompass the provision of online resources, aid in completing academic assignments, and periodic convening of parent-teacher conferences to monitor the advancement of students. We espouse the ideology of providing unwavering support to our esteemed students, thereby guaranteeing a holistic and all-encompassing educational journey.

Enrollment Process and Fees

The process of enrolling at Simply Education is characterised by its inherent simplicity and ease of execution. We provide a range of economically viable fees, thereby ensuring that the pursuit of quality education remains within the grasp of a wider demographic. To obtain comprehensive insights into our intricate fee structure and to commence your child’s odyssey in the realm of Chinese mastery, we cordially extend an invitation for you to establish contact with us.

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In conclusion, Simply Education in Hougang is more than a tuition center; it’s a gateway to mastering the Chinese language. Our unwavering dedication to the pursuit of excellence in education, coupled with our avant-garde pedagogical approaches, renders us the epitome of discernment for your progeny’s odyssey in acquiring proficiency in the Chinese language. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience in order to acquire further knowledge and become a valued member of our esteemed community of accomplished individuals dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

Topical Crash Classes are now open
Topical Crash Classes are now open