Primary, Secondary and JC Math Tuition in Singapore

Simply Mathematics Tuition Centre is a math tuition centre in Singapore that  aims to explain the fundamentals of Mathematics in a fun and creative way. The techniques of problem-solving are explained through examples and active engagement with students during the lessons. Every lesson is designed to help the students to reinforce the topics learned in school. By tackling questions of various difficulties, we seek to improve the students’ understanding of the concepts, develop their analytical skills and build confidence. We offer an open consultation approach to cater to different learning needs of the students.

The math tuition in Tampines, math tuition in Hougang and math tuition in Tiong Bahru are conducted by Simply Mathematics and offer primary, secondary and JC math tuition.

Primary 1 to Primary 6 mathematics tuition leading to PSLE

Math tuition builds a strong foundation at a young age, which is crucial in developing your child’s understanding and problem-solving skills. We teach your child the fundamentals of maths in lessons and activities that are both fun and engaging. We help your child to prepare for crucial examinations in both academic understanding and answering of exam questions.

Lower Secondary Math Tuition Singapore

Our lower secondary math tuition programme help your child to develop new skills, concepts and knowledge. We will expose students to challenging questions as we prepare them for upper secondary mathematics

Upper Secondary Math Tuition leading to N and O levels in Singapore

Our upper secondary math tuition programme in accordance with the Singapore curriculum help your child to develop new skills, concepts and knowledge.

Sec 3 and Sec 4 are both crucial years to build up important conceptual understanding and answering techniques. Topical revisions with ample strategic practices aim to prepare the students for N and O levels. Additional Maths require higher order analytical skills where most students find challenging. Thus, our math tuition programmes provide detailed guidance to boost students’ confidence in the subject.

Junior College H1 and H2 Math tuition leading to A levels in Singapore

Our JC mathematics programme help students to build a strong foundation and understanding of the concepts in pure mathematics and statistics. Students are exposed to application questions that relate the mathematical concepts to real-life situations. Important concepts and skills are reinforced in the preparations to A levels maths examinations.

Our tuition network includes Math tuition in Tampines, Math tuition in Hougang and Math tuition in Tiong Bahru.

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O Levels and A levels 

Mathematics Crash Classes. 

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Headstart Classes for 2024 commencing in Dec 2023
Headstart Classes for 2024 commencing in Dec 2023