Primary, IP, O levels & A levels Science Tuition

The basic concepts of Science subjects are introduced in a simple and interesting way at Simply Science Tuition Centre. Our science tuition teachers adopt a systematic approach to effectively explain Science applications and problems. Topics are aligned to the MOE syllabus with emphasis on application questions. Students participate in discussions and practices to develop confidence and enhance critical thinking skills in making inferences and solving questions. The techniques of using keywords to answer structured questions are also reinforced. We offer an open consultation approach to cater to the different learning needs of the students.

Simply Science offers tuition programmes for students in taking PSLE, IP,  O levels and A levels for physics, chemistry and biology in Singapore. We offer O level physics tuition, A level chemistry tuition for students taking exams in Singapore. We also offer combined science O level tuition for students who are taking double sciences in their O Level examinations. 

Our Tuition programmes are conducted in Tampines, Hougang and Tiong Bahru.

Primary 3 to Primary 6 science tuition

In Simply Science, new science concepts that are applicable to daily life scenarios are reinforced. The primary science tuition programme helps students analyse application and experimental questions and to use science keywords accurately. In the primary 6 science tuition programme, all the topics are revised intensively with emphasis on the answering techniques of application questions, in preparation for the PSLE Science exam.

Lower Secondary science tuition

In each secondary science tuition, concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology along with their associated applications are taught and explained in a highly systematic approach. This ensures that students learn the subject quickly, understand it easily and enjoy their learning journey.  Some upper secondary science topics are also introduced which help students to achieve a more in-depth understanding of the concepts. With years of experience in teaching pupils from all educational backgrounds, our tutors of Biology tuition in Tampines and other areas provide necessary guidance to achieve academic excellence. Students will be able to learn new analytical and explanation skills.

Upper Secondary Physics (pure/combined) tuition leading to N and O levels in Singapore

We provide students with the help and support that they need to excel in their O level physics. Our tuition programmes are conducted in various parts of Singapore. We will guide them to understand physics well and clear any misconceptions about the topics. Students will learn to analyse and solve questions from a given set of data, and to tackle questions of varying difficulties. Experimental techniques and the presentation of results are also introduced. O level physics tuition programmes are available in Hougang, Tampines and Tiong Bahru.

Upper Secondary Chemistry (pure/combined) tuition leading to N and O levels in Singapore

We will explain rigorously the essential concepts of Chemistry and simplify relationships and connections between different topics. We will also prepare students in acquiring examination skills, such as using important keywords and analysing application questions. Students will also learn qualitative analysis techniques and experimental planning, as part of their practical examination preparations.

Upper Secondary Biology (pure/combined) tuition leading to N and O levels in Singapore

In the O levels Biology programme, we will help students to understand and apply the facts and concepts. Students will develop critical thinking skills with more practice, learn to analyse experiment-based questions and produce answers with complete and correct keywords. They will also learn experimental techniques to prepare for their practical examinations.

Junior College H1/H2 and IP Physics tuition leading to A levels in Singapore

In our IP and A level Physics tuition programme, students will develop a strong foundation in Physics principles and concepts. We will guide the students to analyse the question and apply concepts to real-world application questions. Students are encouraged to ask questions and we will provide support to clear any misconceptions about the topics that they have.

Junior College H1/H2 and IP Chemistry tuition leading to A levels in Singapore

Our IP and A level Chemistry tuition programme aims to develop and enhance students’ understanding of the fundamentals of the topics. Students also develop critical thinking and analytical skills to solve complex chemistry questions and answer them effectively. With a strong foundation and good results in A level chemistry, students have an advantage in applying to many tertiary courses in Singapore and overseas universities.

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Greetings and salutations, esteemed individuals, and allow me to extend a warm welcome to the esteemed establishment known as Simply Education. Within these hallowed halls of knowledge, we hold steadfast to the belief that the pursuit of learning should not only be a pleasurable endeavour but also one that bestows enlightenment upon those who partake in its noble pursuit. Our unwavering dedication lies in the cultivation of the intellectual faculties of the youth, achieved through a holistic and captivating pedagogical approach. Central to our methodology lies an unwavering commitment to the cultivation of scientific knowledge, a dynamic domain that profoundly influences the trajectory of our forthcoming days. Our establishment prides itself on its expertise in the realm of Primary Science Tuition and Combined Science O Level Tuition, meticulously crafted to cultivate inquisitiveness, analytical reasoning, and a profound comprehension of scientific principles.

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Primary Science Tuition

Commencing a Scholarly Expedition: Our Primary Science Tuition initiative is meticulously designed to ignite an enduring fascination in the realm of science within the minds of budding scholars. Our curriculum is designed to encompass fundamental disciplines such as biology, chemistry, and physics, ensuring its adherence to the most current educational benchmarks.

We employ pedagogical approaches that are characterised by their innovative and interactive nature, thereby fostering an engaging and enjoyable learning experience that is conducive to long-term retention. By means of empirical investigations, interactive engagements, and tangible illustrations, we endeavour to guarantee that students not only acquire knowledge but also effectively employ scientific principles.

Triumph Narratives: Our historical record stands as a testament to our endeavours, wherein innumerable scholars have attained scholastic eminence and cultivated an authentic ardour for the realm of scientific inquiry. Listen to the testimonials of our contented parents and students as they eloquently articulate their profound and life-altering encounters at Simply Education.

Combined Science O Level Tuition

The acquisition of mastery in the realm of sciences through the pursuit of the Combined Science O Level Tuition is of utmost importance for students harbouring aspirations of achieving exceptional success in their academic endeavours at an advanced level. We embark upon a profound exploration of the intricacies inherent in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics, thereby equipping our students with the necessary intellectual acumen to confront the forthcoming academic trials with utmost confidence and proficiency.

Distinguished Academicians: The collective of our esteemed educators serves as a source of great pride for us. With an extensive breadth of knowledge and a profound comprehension of the O Level curriculum, these individuals transcend the role of mere educators, assuming the mantle of mentors who skillfully steer students towards the pinnacle of academic achievement.

Demonstrable Triumph: The unequivocal achievement rate exhibited by our esteemed students in the O Levels serves as a resounding testament to the efficacy of our pedagogical approach. We derive immense satisfaction from the remarkable achievements of our students, as they forge their path towards esteemed institutions of higher learning and auspicious professional trajectories.

Why Choose Simply Education

An Exemplary Standard: What distinguishes Simply Education is our distinctive methodology that prioritises individualised instruction. We acknowledge the inherent individuality of each student, and our tailored educational strategies are a testament to this conviction.

Beyond Academics: Our comprehensive methodology transcends the mere quantification of academic performance. Our primary emphasis lies in the cultivation of cognitive faculties such as critical thinking, the honing of problem-solving abilities, and the fostering of an enduring passion for the pursuit of knowledge.

Engaging Parents: We believe in the power of partnership with parents. Frequent updates and scheduled meetings serve to maintain parents’ continuous awareness and involvement in their child’s academic advancement and accomplishments.

Additional Services and Resources

Our esteemed students are granted the privilege of accessing an extensive array of erudite learning materials, encompassing erudite study guides, meticulously crafted practise papers, and a plethora of erudite online resources.

Flexible Online Learning: Catering to the preferences of individuals inclined towards digital education, we proudly present a plethora of online tuition alternatives that boast an equivalent level of interactivity and efficacy as our traditional face-to-face instructional sessions.

Extracurricular Endeavours: Our esteemed science clubs and activities serve as a catalyst for fostering a student’s ardour for scientific pursuits beyond the confines of the classroom.

Enrollment Process

Enrolling oneself into the esteemed institution of Simply Education is a process that can be seamlessly accomplished with utmost convenience. Commence the expedition of your progeny towards the realm of scientific exploration by undertaking a series of uncomplicated measures. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further elucidation regarding the intricacies of enrollment. We shall be more than delighted to provide comprehensive assistance and steer you adeptly through each phase of the aforementioned procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you possess any inquiries? We possess the solutions: Should you find yourself harbouring inquiries regarding the temporal extent of courses, the intricate arrangements of fees, or the dimensions of class capacities, we implore you to peruse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) segment, as it is designed to dispel any lingering uncertainties.


In essence, Simply Education transcends the conventional notion of a mere tuition centre, as it serves as a nurturing ecosystem wherein the intellectual capacities of young individuals are cultivated and allowed to thrive. We cordially extend an invitation to embark upon a captivating journey into the realm of scientific inquiry alongside us. Within this realm, knowledge acquisition becomes an exhilarating odyssey, and each pupil assumes the role of an aspiring savant in the field of scientific exploration. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience in order to acquire further knowledge regarding our esteemed offerings in the realm of Primary Science Tuition and Combined Science O Level Tuition programmes.


Topical Crash Classes are now open
Topical Crash Classes are now open