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Simply Education only offers courses which we have committed and experienced tutors to deliver results. Schedules and courses can be customized if minimum class size is met and tutors are available.

Lessons are conducted once a week, 1.5 or 2.0 hours per session, depending on the course.

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Our Courses

Problem-solving tasks are essential in the learning of mathematics. They provide an ideal opportunity to demonstrate how mathematical thinking can be applied to solve real-life problems and provide inspiration for future work in reasoning and problem-solving. We explain math problem-solving techniques through examples and active engagement with students. We also cater to the different learning needs of the students by tackling questions of various difficulties and building confidence in their analytical skills.

Science is often considered a difficult subject to students. One possible reason is that what the students are shown in school often fails to foster curiosity in them. Students are often overwhelmed with a lot of information and lose their ability to pay attention. Students’ perception that science is difficult and boring continues as they grow older.  We introduce  abstract science concepts to students in a tangible and relatable way  through learning about the world around them and through solving science questions.

Many students find Chinese difficult due to the complexity of the language. There are thousands of characters to learn, not just in order to read but also in order to write fluently. Each character can have many different meanings and pronunciations, so memorizing these takes a lot of time and effort.

We specialize in primary Chinese tuition education, which is designed to instil interest and creativity in the students. The fun, engaging sessions are highly enjoyable for the children, who are then able to master the language better as a subject.

Simply English tuition program emphasizes the development of critical thinking and creative writing skills for students. With a focus on comprehension and composition, students will be encouraged to express their ideas clearly through relevant and interesting writing assignments. English tuition in Tiong Bahru, Tampines and Hougang are available.

If you’re looking to get good grades in chemistry and improve your test scores, then enrolling for tuition is the right thing to do. The help of a qualified tutor has been proven to be an effective way for students to improve on any subject. Enrolling at tuition gives you access to some of the most experienced tutors who are ready to help you.

Our aim is to improve the students’ scientific study skills and help them develop their analytical abilities. These skills will enable them to take better advantage of their time and make more efficient use of the learning opportunities available to them.

In our courses for physics tuition, students are introduced to the fundamental concepts which help them understand and improve their analytical skills. We continue to focus on conceptual understanding, applications of physics concepts, correct usage of keywords in answering questions, and practising examinations and experimental techniques.

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2024 Classes are now open
2024 Classes are now open