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Simply Education is proud to introduce a range of English tuition including English tuition in Hougang, English tuition in Tampines and English Tuition in Tiong Bahru which caters Secondary students, with the goal of tackling the current O Level syllabus in mind. Students will be taught how to identify different question types in their Comprehension and Composition papers, as well as optimal ways in answering them. Critical thinking will be a key skill encouraged in our classes and students will get to hone their rhetorical skills to express their ideas clearly and eloquently.

Locations: Tampines, Hougang, Tiong Bahru

Lower Secondary

The topics are not explicitly included in the syllabus, but are rather taught to students by way of applying the material. Here are some examples: Simply education teaches the basic language skill of reading, writing, listening and speaking. While all other curriculum subjects include grammar in the syllabus, Simply Education doesn’t incorporate grammar as a separate subject. It’s part of the 4 Skills mentioned above. When it comes to education, listening and speaking skills are of utmost importance to the students. If students hone their skills in these areas, they will get a good grasp of the concept.

Upper Secondary

An essential skill that is used in almost every aspect of our lives is English. Students preparing for the O Levels must be equipped with the ability to express themselves in language that is concise and impactful. They must both understand what they are reading at the same time, while also being able to comprehend advanced texts. Upper secondary classes provide the opportunity for learners to develop their understanding of different texts, and how to answer those texts. It’s important to get them exam ready. They also allow learners to boost their confidence and interest in the language. It is a compulsory subject that is used by students to apply for their desired Junior College or Polytechnic courses after the GCE ‘O’ Levels. The ability to speak, write and understand English is essential for students aiming to study or work in any company.

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English Tuition Tampines

Located in the central district of Tampines, the English tuition programme offered by Simply Education serves as a prominent symbol of scholastic eminence. The educational facility situated in the vicinity of Tampines, boasting convenient accessibility and adorned with cutting-edge learning amenities, provides an optimal setting for the acquisition and mastery of the English language. The educational programme in place at this institution is specifically designed to actively involve students in a comprehensive and diverse learning endeavour, which encompasses the development of analytical reasoning, the cultivation of imaginative writing skills, and the mastery of persuasive communication techniques.

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Our Tampines tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the classroom, inspiring students to reach new heights in their English proficiency. From engaging dialogues to dynamic exchanges, each class presents an exhilarating voyage into the realm of knowledge acquisition. The students hailing from Tampines eloquently recount tales of elevated academic performance and a newfound sense of self-assurance in their command of the English language, both within the confines of scholarly pursuits and in the realm of everyday communication.

English Tuition Tiong Bahru

Located in the esteemed district of Tiong Bahru, Simply Education perpetuates its longstanding legacy of unparalleled eminence in the realm of English tuition. This institution is renowned for its small class sizes and individualised focus, guaranteeing that every student’s educational requirements are scrupulously attended to. The English tuition Tampines programme offered at this establishment places a significant emphasis on the cultivation of robust foundational aptitudes, the augmentation of lexical prowess, and the refinement of cognitive faculties pertaining to comprehension.

The interactive and dynamic teaching approach in Tiong Bahru keeps students engaged and motivated. Our erudite instructors employ a fusion of conventional and avant-garde pedagogical approaches to engender an enjoyable and efficacious English language acquisition experience. The resounding triumphs emanating from our esteemed Tiong Bahru establishment serve as a testament to the profound influence we exert upon the scholastic odysseys of our esteemed pupils.

Our Teaching Methodology

At Simply Education, we espouse the ideology of embracing a comprehensive and all-encompassing methodology towards the acquisition and mastery of the English language. Our pedagogical approach encompasses a harmonious amalgamation of a meticulously designed curriculum, dynamic interactive learning techniques, and a perpetual cycle of constructive feedback. Our primary emphasis lies not only on the scholastic dimension of the English language, but also on cultivating a student’s aptitude to effectively employ the language within pragmatic, authentic circumstances.

Our educators employ various teaching tools and techniques, such as group discussions, role-plays, and multimedia resources, to make learning engaging and relevant. This methodology guarantees that students are not merely passive recipients of knowledge, but rather engaged participants in their educational odyssey.

Course Structure and Materials

Our English courses are meticulously designed to encompass a comprehensive range of linguistic components. Our curriculum encompasses a wide array of linguistic aspects, ranging from the intricacies of grammar and the richness of vocabulary, to the profound understanding of reading comprehension and the artistry of essay composition. It is meticulously designed to adhere to the most current educational benchmarks, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date learning experience. We employ a diverse array of educational materials, encompassing traditional textbooks, literary works of fiction, and interactive digital resources, in order to cultivate a multifaceted and intellectually stimulating pedagogical environment.

Regular assessments and feedback sessions help track student progress and address areas of improvement. Furthermore, we offer supplementary resources and comprehensive assistance to students in their preparation for significant examinations, thereby ensuring that they possess the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve exceptional results.

Experienced and Passionate Educators

The foundation upon which Simply Education’s triumph is built lies in the collective expertise and unwavering dedication of our esteemed cadre of educators. The educators within our institution possess not only the requisite qualifications within their respective domains, but also exhibit an authentic ardour for imparting knowledge and a steadfast dedication to fostering the triumph of their students. They possess a remarkable ability to cultivate an atmosphere that is both nurturing and intellectually invigorating, wherein each student is imbued with a sense of worth and driven to engage in the pursuit of knowledge.

Profiles of some of our educators, highlighting their qualifications, teaching philosophy, and success stories, serve as a testament to the quality of education we provide.

Beyond the Classroom Learning English at Simply Education extends beyond the classroom. We endeavour to curate a diverse array of extracurricular endeavours, such as workshops dedicated to the art of oration, clubs devoted to the literary arts, and programmes facilitating cultural exchange. Our primary aim is to furnish students with a more expansive outlook and tangible application of the English language.

Our community involvement and events are aimed at fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging students to apply their English skills in diverse settings.

Enrollment Process

The act of enrolling in our esteemed English tuition programme is a process that can be described as straightforward in nature. Parents and students who possess a keen interest in our services are cordially invited to establish contact with us via our website or alternatively, they may choose to grace our esteemed centres located in the areas of Tampines and Tiong Bahru, where they shall be provided with the opportunity to engage in a personal consultation of utmost significance. We provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process, encompassing the comprehension of your educational requirements, the meticulous selection of an appropriate course, and the meticulous arrangement of class schedules.


At Simply Education, our pedagogical endeavours extend beyond the mere transmission of English language skills; rather, we undertake the noble task of fostering the development of prospective individuals who possess the ability to effectively communicate, engage in critical thinking, and assume positions of leadership in the future. Our esteemed establishments situated in Tampines and Tiong Bahru transcend the conventional notion of mere tuition centres. They serve as the very genesis of an enlightening odyssey, fostering the pursuit of linguistic brilliance in the realm of English. Enlist in our esteemed institution and become an integral participant in an enlightening endeavour that metamorphoses latent abilities into triumphant achievements. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience in order to commence this exhilarating expedition.

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